The Celestial Order Chart

  1. Lady Sun, Lord Moon
  2. Celestial Dragons
  3. The Emperor/Empress
  4. Great Spirits of the Sea, Sky and Earth
  5. Ministers of Heaven and Hell
  6. Great Clan Daimyos, The Imperial Family, the Honored Dead
  7. Oracles of the Elements
  8. Lesser Clan Daimyos
  9. Samurai, Courtiers, Bureaucrats, Minor Spirits of the Land, the Bureaucracies of Heaven and Hell, Horses
  10. Farmers, the Dishonored Dead, other clean animals
  11. Artisans
  12. Merchants
  13. Peasant Warriors (Militia, Conscripts), unclean animals
  14. Untouchables

Everything higher on the list has spiritual and social authority over those under them. That doesn’t mean that one clan daimyo can order around another clan’s samurai, just that everything lower on the chart is expected to show deference and respect to anything higher.

The exception is the Emperor, as he is both man and kami, and thus has jurisdiction over both worlds. This means that the Emperor may walk up to a mountain and command it to flatten itself and soon, not one pebble will be left.

Monks and monsters both stand outside the Celestial Order. Monks, of course, are given a much greater degree of respect.

Shugenja have their own ranking based on their mastery of ritual and the rank of the spirits they have communicated with. A shugenja can rank from the level of samurai (and never lower) up to the level of lesser clan daimyos. A Great Clan who focused more on the Celestial Order and the magic of the shugenja than preparing their samurai for battle may even have a shugenja as their daimyo!

The Celestial Order Chart

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