Swords Sharpened in Peace

<<Second Era, A Clan Falls<<

The new White Orchid Dynasty ruled in peace, thanks to the fact that their power was limited by the Dragon Shogunate. The checks and balances between the two governments defined this era, ensuring military conflicts would be small and intrigue would be non-stop.

The White Orchid Daimyo and Emperor of the Earth declared first to abolish the Imperial Edicts of the past. It was a new era of prosperity, he said, and a new Empire must be forged. Such forward thinking and tolerance was met with resistance and disbelief in many realms of the Empire, and the White Orchid rulers were variously called the “Strange Emperor”, “Emperor of Hell” or the “Dynast of Perversion.”

Still, the peace of the Dragon ruled the land and made many things possible. Prosperity became threatening to the samurai caste; merchants were more respected and more powerful than ever before. Artisans innovated in their tasks and new methods of agriculture, architecture and art swept the land. To the peasant class, it is a time of wealth undreamed of before. To the traditionalist samurai, it is a time of festering iniquity and moral corruption.

>>Anger Written in Blood on Silk>>

Swords Sharpened in Peace

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