Strange Rains Bring Death

<<Fifth Era, The Empire Falls<<

The clandestine Beetle Clan knew that an Empire without an Emperor is a great breach in the Celestial Order. In order to end the blasphemous ruling alliance they infiltrated the ruling parties and sabotaged events to cause strife and enmity between the clans.

In Scorpion lands, they poisoned the fireworks of celebratory parties everywhere. After the grandest fireworks display the Empire had ever seen, the Scorpion lands became poisoned and sterile; salted forever after. The Scorpion economy was weakened significantly and the Kami of the land sought revenge against the hedonistic partiers. The Beetle sowed revolt in the Scorpion and fanned the flames of anti-foreigner, pro-Celestial Order sentiment, splitting the clan socially.

To foment distrust, Lion Clan representatives were murdered by Beetle, who implicated the Mantis.

In the chaos, Beetle took the Capitol and declared themselves the new Pearl in Oyster Dynasty, implying they were the noble ones amidst a sea of dirty people.

>>Mantis Prays Before Lion>>

Strange Rains Bring Death

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