Spider Spits Poison Onto Empire

<<A Message From the East, Land of Ghosts<<

Spider, now a broken and ostensibly subjugate state of the Mantis, still wracked by plague, found themselves at the center of all karma for the empire in a moment. Mantis, after generations of inquisitions and occupation, finally extracted the location of the Portal to Hell from the Spider Clan shugenja. As Mantis marched on the portal, the high shugenja of Spider knew that after closing it Mantis would eliminate every member of Spider Clan. The Kami Inoue was leading the column herself on this auspicious day. Given the choice between peaceful annihilation and swift justice for their clan, the shugenja chose the latter. They joined at the portal, performing a terrible blood ritual, and allowing the portal to rip free from it’s moorings, unleashing great energy.

What Spider did not know, is how deep the lines of power ran that they laid. Every Spider temple, in every land and city, with its strong spiritual ties to the great oni gate, unleashed destruction. The blood running through much of the Spider Clan and their families abroad grew fiery and changed those tainted into wild monsters.

The demons that spilled forth from the unbound portal and the monstrous former-humans rushed out in a wave of violence. Every clan turned to the defense of the innocent or was turned to ash at the hands of the demons.

>>Dragon Falls From Heaven>>

Spider Spits Poison Onto Empire

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