Setting Sun Over Two Cranes In Single Nest

<<Rising Sun Over Most Glorious Empress<<

A rogue samurai of the Snake Clan turned against the Spider, claiming that the Empress is not the girl in the Imperial Records and is not related to the Golden Emperors. He attacked the First Wife, challenging her to a duel the Celestial Order forbids him from fighting, and, amazingly, won. As the former Mantis lady fell, so fell her spouse. The Snake is cut down by bodyguards, but the young female heir cannot be found.

The Empire is once again saved from turmoil by a new Emperor ready to step in. Lead by an amazingly accurate Phoenix prophecy, the Crane Clan’s matriarchs were at the Imperial Capitol, ready and waiting to be invested as the new Empresses. They have precedent for a two-female Imperial matriarchy now. The quick support of Phoenix, Crab and Lion ensured a speedy investiture.

For a brief, shining moment, Phoenix prophecy was seen as a pure, stabilizing element in a land of chaos and is given much respect.

>>Dragon Speaks in Strength and Receives Wisdom From Heaven>>

Setting Sun Over Two Cranes In Single Nest

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