Rising Sun Over Most Glorious Empress

<<Crab Leaves Shell Too Small, Each Claw Goes Separate Ways<<

As per the Crab Dynasy’s tradition, the ten-year-old Empress was forced to marry a Mantis lady. The fourteen-year-old Tomoe Shizuru, Amethyst Champion became the first wife of the Empress.

As if to show the divine provenance of the new dynasty, First Wife Shizuru became pregnant by the Kami. Legend has that the child, while being sent to the Mantis Academy, met the Kami Inoue, founder of the Mantis Clan. The Kami showed her where the Supreme Numinous Treasure Mushroom blooms once a generation. The ingester such a mushroom gains great longevity, and the mushroom is said to be eaten by one great leader of the Mantis Clan each generation.

The new dynasty is called the Sun Dynasty, to honor Lady Sun.

>>Setting Sun Over Two Cranes In Single Nest>>

Rising Sun Over Most Glorious Empress

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