Phoenix Laughs at Riddle Told in Four Parts

<<Dragon With Two Heads, One in Clouds One in Fields<<

Let her imperial majesty turn her attention to the sordid events as told in Phoenix Laughs at Joke Told Question to Scorpion and Answer to Crane. As her majesty knows, Phoenix predictions had been at the height of their popularity in court for quite some time. It was becoming increasingly hard for Phoenix to accurately predict large events, as they were predicting so much, so often. To re-assert their prognosticating reputation, Phoenix sends ambassadors to the Barbarians over the Western Wall, inviting them to invade Horse Clan’s territory on reports of Clan weakness. On their way home, they warn Horse of the invasion, thus successfully predicting the biggest victory for the Horse border guard since the establishment of the Wall.

Scorpion had not lost it’s wit, nor it’s hate for their betrayers, the Crane Clan. During the conflict at the Western Wall, Scorpion provided weapons to the Horse Clan with great success, and much gained. However, it was their providing weapons to the barbarians that pushed their gains over into the realm of riches. With their new found wealth, Scorpion was not long impeded when returning to court. Quickly, court politics were channeled entirely through the hands and purses of the Scorpion Clan. Able to buy the largest army in the world, which was composed in large part of dishonored ronin and foreigners, the Scorpion petitioned the Emperor to become the leader of his armies and thus Shogun of the Empire. The Emperor could not say no.

>>Moon Rises Over Plains Where Horses Run>>

Phoenix Laughs at Riddle Told in Four Parts

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