Mantis Prays Before Lion

<<Strange Rains Bring Death<<

Communications broke down between Lion and Mantis after the assassinations of the Lion representatives. A small, uncomfortable war ensued where the Mantis Emerald Column attempted to stop the Lion’s advances with the least loss of life and honor. Unfortunately, in a duel between Lion and Mantis champions, the Lion defeated the Mantis so gracefully that she gave up her oaths immediately and begged to be his student. Mantis leaders, seeing the futility and shame of continuing the war, ordered all those implicated (but innocent) in the murders to commit seppuku.

Seeing weakness in the Mantis, the vassal Dragons struck mercilessly. A Dragon champion challenged the Mantis daimyo himself to secure freedom for his clan mates. Defeated handily, the Mantis released the Dragon from their oath.

To the new Dragon daimyo the victorious Dragon champion revealed himself to be a member of the Boar Clan and bowed, but not deeply. Relationships between Boar and Dragon never returned to the peaceful deference of the past after this day.

>>Dragon Breaths Fire on Oyster>>

Mantis Prays Before Lion

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