Lion Grooms Under Two Circling Phoenix

<<Crane Stabs at Heaven and Earth Shakes<<

On the other side of the Empire, the bright face of good karma balanced the ugliness of the East. It was in this age that Lion finished construction of their Oasis. The word was spread to all holdings and all clans that the poor, sick, and untouchables were all welcome to come bolster the population of this new city and throw off the shackles of bad fortune. Even the Emperor smiled on announcement, and never once furrowed his brow at their treatment of the Celestial Order.

This era was not only one of beginnings, but of endings as well. This is considered to be the first event in a long chain that would lead to the disappearance of the great Phoenix Clan, for within the clan at this time was dissension. The shugenja of Phoenix looked out from their plateau and saw the reflection of the empire upon them: the good will of the outward Lion repaid in fortune, and the inward feuding of Scorpion and Crane leading to misery. The shugenja turned on the priesthood of Phoenix and turned their backs on the Prophecies, instead pushing for full integration into the celestial order, and a more honorable dealing with their fellow clans. The fractioning of the priesthood raged on, with brother killing brother, and contrary predictions flying across the land.

>>Wasp In Web Stings Spider>>

Lion Grooms Under Two Circling Phoenix

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