Dragon Falls From Heaven

<<Spider Spits Poison Onto Empire<<

Seeing the destruction wrought on the world, The Dragon Clan of the Sky knew that they must act. With as many of their brothers on the ground as would volunteer, they flew their mighty fortresses directly into the Spider Forest. As they broke the age old bond made to the Celestial Dragon, the magic of the fortresses began to wain. In a desperate move, the Dragon crashed their entire fleet through the portal, battling in Hell as the fortresses fell from brimstone skies. The meeting of two such great magics overwhelmed the portal and it closed behind the Dragon.

The sacrifice of Dragon drove the remaining demons into hiding; many changed into animals new to the Empire, and all dangerous to men. The sacrifice of the Dragon was so noble, that they earned the title of Jade Dragon. The remnants of the clan on earth, with most of their samurai gone to fight in Spider, declared themselves unworthy of the Dragon name after such an event. They renounced their former titles and joined under Boar, elevating them to a Great Clan, if not officially then by numbers.

What few members of Spider Clan that survived the many horrors re-grouped in some of the last standing forests of the land. The sins of their clan were too much for the survivors to bear. The assembled survivors, mostly of pure blood, mourned their brothers for 100 days. They looked into the soul of their clan and recognized the seeds of all that had come to pass in their own twisted culture. They turned their backs on the old ways, abandoned all iconography, ancestor worship, and even the clan name, and reformed as the Octopus Clan. They took it upon themselves to right the wrongs of their ancestors, vowing to never rest until the entire Golden Empire was empty of demons, evil spirits, and those mortals who would walk in their shadow.

>>Heron Flies High Over Land and Weeps>>

Dragon Falls From Heaven

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