Crab Beseeches Heaven

<<Crab Rides in Lion’s Mane<<

Under the new dynasty, the Imperial Edicts were restored, but not to their old strength. The Dragon resumed their role as Shogun of the Empire and again, peace and prosperity blossomed. To mollify their oldest enemy (and keep the Scorpion out), the Crab Emperors begin a tradition of marrying a Mantis.

The Crab Emperor ordered the Kami of the land, Great and Small, to serve man for a time, teaching him the kami’s wisdom and strength. It became a Golden Age for the Empire, as the Kami made the rice grow faster, the flowers bloom brighter and the water flow clearer. Art and poetry became a noble pursuit of the samurai class in this era as the need for war became obviated.

>>Whispers Behind Paper Screens>>

Crab Beseeches Heaven

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