Phoenix Weeps Over Wilted Lotus

<<First Era, The Clan War<<

The Emperor, an eight year old child, had died. The imperial family had grown large with courtesans and honored magistrates, but a true blood relative could not be found. For the first time in 10,000 years the very fabric of the Golden Empire was shaken.

Foul play in the Emperor’s death was assumed by all. No fingers were yet pointed, but all prepared for conflict and for three hundred days the Empire tensely mourned the child Emperor’s passing. As each clan strengthened its borders and mobilized its armies, it came as a great shock when the Kami revealed there was no conspiracy and the boy simply died by breaking his neck, falling off his horse. The Phoenix seer of the Imperial Family, charged with protecting the family with his foresight, was dishonored for not predicting and preventing the tragic accident.

The seer left the Capitol, disgraced. Upon returning to his home to commit seppuku in front of his lord and father, the High Priest of Phoenix, the seer found his father’s corpse. Terribly shamed by his son’s actions, the High Priest had privately killed himself, impaling his torso on his broken quarterstaff. The son decided to hide the body and assume the identity of his father as leader of his clan, but unfortunately his lack of experience and shaken confidence ended up weakening his clan.

Crane Documents Illuminate Feelings on Golden Emperor’s Death

>>Crab Looks to the Moon, Finding Only Clouds>>

Phoenix Weeps Over Wilted Lotus

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