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Most Accurate Scroll of Supreme Historical Insight, As Presented to Empress Haruka on Her 10,000 Birthday and First Year of Her Reign

Imperial Great Clan Scroll of Most Noble Distinction— put links to your clan page here

Welcome to making your Great Clan of the Empire. Here are some questions to guide you:

Power Base: What are the one or two areas that your clan is known throughout the Empire for? Are they political beasts? Do they have an overwhelming Military genius or ferocity? Do they have an economic stranglehold on a commodity? Is your clan’s insight in magic and Religion sought out by all the people of the Empire?
How does your clan hold on to it’s power monopoly? What unique approach does your clan have to it’s power base?

Honor: How strictly does your clan enforce the tenets of Bushido? What is expected of a dishonored clan member? How strict is your clan’s hierarchy? (Check out The Celestial Order Chart for hierarchy) How strictly has your clan followed the Imperial Edicts?

Religion: Which of the three religions does your clan primarily follow? (They are not mutually exclusive; even though their tenets conflict they are all true.) Why is that religion most important to your clan? What is special about their method of practicing that religion?

Military: Though the Empire is technically at peace, large skirmishes have still been a frequent occurrence. How has your clan distinguished itself in combat? Are your warriors crafty, organized or blood-thirsty? Since war is smaller, it is also more about individual combat styles. Does your clan have a unique fighting stance or dueling style?

Location: How close is your clan to the Imperial capitol? What kind of lands do they occupy? How does this inform their power base and strategy?

When was your clan established? The Empire is 10,000 years old. Who founded your clan, a human or a spirit?

The Emperor has just died – he was eight years old. The whereabouts of his few blood relatives are unknown to the Empire as a whole. Does your clan know where an Imperial heir is? Can they prove who they are? Who does your clan support for succession to the throne?

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