Heron Flies High Over Land and Weeps

<<Dragon Falls From Heaven<<

After the terrible events of the Spider Cataclysm, a new clan arrived on the shores of former Spider, Wasp, and Crane, declaring themselves to be the Heron Clan. They brought with them a massive navy, flying the colors of the long lost Crane Clan, and with a two man culture also familiar. The Heron offered emergency relief to any and all who would bow and pay fealty. They also brought with them hardy foreign plants, which took root in the scorched earth of Spider lands.

Lion Clan, having been decimated by the first wave of the oni and with their strongest ally the Phoenix having disappeared in a previous age with one quarter of the Lion population, came to the Heron asking for alliance and aid. The Heron demanded only fealty, and with little else to turn to, Lion accepted, becoming a lesser clan of the Heron. To show how much this honored the Heron clan, they provided enough labor and material to begin building a second Oasis city among the ruins of the Lion Desert.

Heron also brought with them a foreigner’s insight to the happenings of the land. After establishing permanent settlements and peaceful relations with their neighbors, Heron freed itself from an ancient contract with the the great Kami of the Sea. As the two new male daimyos ascended to the seat of the clan instead of out to sea to serve as husbands, the clan felt a chill breeze in their hearts as the spiritual bonds that so long held them together were capped off and their souls made complete. The daimyo’s first edict handed down was that the Heron Clan was free from the spirits of the Celestial Order, and that “man is the author of his own fate.”

>>And So it Has Come to Pass>>

Heron Flies High Over Land and Weeps

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