Crane Stabs at Heaven and Earth Shakes

<<Five Pale Bears Bow Before Full Moon<<

For as long as any daimyo did deem to record, Scorpion and Crane fought over only one thing: who owned the lake bordering their two territories. Truly, it is only a lake, and both clans had more than enough water to go around. But sitting in the crook of the Crescent Lake was the Most High Temple of the Eight Golden Lotuses of Nirvana, and in it had always housed The Golden-Eyed Renzai master, said to be reborn over and over again to bring enlightenment to man. It had been in the hands of Crane since the young Golden Emperor died. Seeing Scorpion’s weakness after the War of Scorpion With Two Tails, the Crane peered into the evil in their own hearts. Crane Samurai razed the temple, killing all inside. They then gifted the temple, lake, and surrounding land back to the Scorpion Clan.

This act of revenge angered the Courts of Heaven. The shugenja of the Crane Clan had always treated the Kami of the land badly, speaking only of contracts and obligations. The Magistrates of Heaven sent anger into the spirits of the Crane land, hoping to change the hearts of Crane. But Crane was proud and pushed back, changing their rituals to bind the kami, and no longer speaking to the spirits at all. The spirits rattled the bars of their new cages in frustration and anger, cursing the land of Crane to the last acre. It remains haunted to this day.

>>Lion Grooms Under Two Circling Phoenix>>

Crane Stabs at Heaven and Earth Shakes

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